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by derek on April 5, 2007 · 10 comments

Have you heard of Tyler Cruz? Until coming across a link to his blog on John Chow dot Com, I had not heard of him but then I started to see his name on more and more blogs that I read regularly. Naturally this made me want to know more and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

As a little bit of background, Tyler is a 23 year old entrepreneur residing in Canada (yet another successful Canadian blogger – is there something in the water?) and runs a handful of sites including Movie-Vault.com and MMAForums.net.

While he has had a great deal of success with his online ventures, earning about $250 per day according to his latest calculations, it is refreshing to see that not everything works out. Tyler tried his hand at making money simply by asking for it with The Tyler Project but it has been slow going.

Why am I pointing out this failed attempt to make money? Because there is a lesson to be learned there for all of us that aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. That lesson is that not everything you try will come up roses but you cannot let that hold you back from trying new things and exploring every opportunity.

Apparently Tyler is doing something right as he has to challenge himself to work 40 hours in a week. As a working stiff right now, I have to admit that I am rather jealous of this as I would be thrilled to work ONLY 40 hours in a week.

In an effort to help Tyler reach his goal of 40 hours of work in a week, maybe I should have him use his ability to broker domain sales to help me sell two domains that I registered but haven’t had time to do anything with yet. What are the domains?


So Tyler, what do you think? 🙂

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