How Often Should You Respond To Comments?

by derek on May 3, 2007 · 23 comments

When people share a comment on your blog, do you always provide a response? Should you always provide a response? This is a question that I have been asking myself lately and thought I would open up here for discussion.

Responding To Comments
Since I have been blogging, I’ve always had the desire to respond to each person that has taken the time to comment on one of my posts. When a person takes the time out of their day to not only read my blog but to go a step further and provide feedback, I believe that deserves a certain amount of respect and appreciation which I try to return via a response.

In addition, I really believe that responding to people’s comments goes a long way towards building a community of people and often leads to more involved discussion. Since most of us are not blogging to simply talk to ourselves, responding to comments fosters communication and can often entice other people to chime in with their thoughts.

How Selective Should You Be?
Obviously on some blogs it just isn’t feasible to respond to each and every comment due to the volume of comments received on each post. However, neither of my blogs have entered that realm yet so that is not so much a concern.

In addition to the volume of comments, I think it is fairly safe to pass on responding to comments that are a simple *yeah, me too* or *I agree*. From my experience though, not too many of the comments on my posts fall into that category. I’ve been lucky enough to have readers that provide very insightful and detailed comments on a regular basis.

As a result, I feel compelled to offer a response to each comment and really enjoy the interaction with everyone. Although I still find myself wondering if I am responding too frequently?

Can You Respond Too Much?
I think the primary reason that I find myself questioning my rate of response is because I often respond to a handful of comments all at one time. With the *Recent Comments* plugin on my sidebar, I don’t particularly care for seeing the full list be *derek on …* entries as then I feel like I am padding my comments.

I’ve given some thought to excluding my own comments from the recent comment list but I don’t really think that is appropriate, as then some people might miss a response.

In the end, I really don’t think I will change my behavior of trying to respond to each and every comment but I thought I would put this out there to get your feedback. If you take the time to share your thoughts with me, the one thing you can be sure of is that you will get a response from me. 😉

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