Evil AGLOCO Income Opportunity

by derek on May 30, 2007 · 6 comments

John Chow, the self-proclaimed Root of All Evil, has released an eBook titled Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com.

Last night as I was reading through the material, I came across John’s discussion on his recommended money-makers and that list includes the much-hyped AGLOCO.

Like many people, I signed up for an account and have signed up a few referrals but with the “over-promise and under-deliver” approach on the release of the Viewbar I kind of lost interest for awhile.

AGLOCO Income Opportunity
In John’s eBook, he mentions that his AGLOCO network contains over 16,000 people and has been growing by more than 100 new people per day. As this piece of information hit me, I thought of an evil way that John (or other large AGLOCO members) can begin earning real money even before the Viewbar is ever released.

My idea is that John can offer his readers the opportunity to buy an AGLOCO link on his site for a specific post or maybe for a predefined period of time. By buying a link on John’s site, you would have your AGLOCO Referral Link used and reap the rewards of the volume that John has been gaining in his AGLOCO network.

With this idea, John wins immediately as he earns money upfront and the other party wins by earning a new source of AGLOCO referrals. While John does have the cost of lost AGLOCO referrals while that link is active, he is essentially hedging his bets in the event that the AGLOCO Viewbar never becomes available.

Risk vs. Reward
John mentions that his AGLOCO network is growing by more than 100 people per day, however there is no distinction on how many of those 100 are direct referrals versus extended referrals of his overall network.

Therefore purchasing an AGLOCO Referral Link on John’s site would not have any guarantee of generating new referrals for your network. Obviously that would be a risk in purchasing a link but could well be worth the risk depending on the price of the link.

As previously mentioned, John runs the risk of losing out on a few additional referrals but with more than 16,000 people in his network this is a small percentage. The reward from John’s perspective is an immediate source of revenue regardless of when the AGLOCO Viewbar is actually released.

What Do You Think?
John, what do you think about this idea for an additional source of blogging income for your site? To the readers of my site, would you be interested in purchasing an AGLOCO Referral Link on John’s site to try and boost your own network? What price would you pay?

If John or any other large AGLOCO network members are interested in this idea, I would be more than happy to offer my AGLOCO Referral Link as a proof of concept. 😈

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