Defining A Monetization Goal

by derek on June 20, 2007 · 14 comments

Have you attempted to monetize your website or blog? Have you defined a goal for your monetization efforts?

Since this blog began I have made a few attempts at monetization but I have never really defined a goal or purpose behind those efforts. Without taking the time to define a goal, I believe that my efforts have lacked any real direction or purpose.

When I posted yesterday about pursuing your passions, I realized that I want to attend Chopper College to pursue my passion in motorcycles. Unfortunately the cost of the tuition is beyond my budget, therefore I have decided to define a goal that all monetization efforts of this site will be directed towards the $1150 required to attend the Chopper College boot camp.

In order to pursue that goal, I am going to experiment with PayPerPost to make money blogging.

This post will be my first venture into writing a sponsored post as my site was just approved on June 14th. Since I have just signed up and am writing my first post, I have yet to make any money with PayPerPost but there are plenty of opportunities.

Signing up for PayPerPost was not an easy decision for me because I am aware that many people are opposed to the idea of writing sponsored posts. In my opinion, there are two dangers or risks with writing sponsored posts:

  • Ability to Remain Impartial :: One common complaint about writing sponsored posts is that the author cannot remain impartial due to the fact that they are being paid.
  • Frequency of Paid Posts :: When people realize they can be paid per post, there may be the temptation to post like crazy in an effort to earn as much as possible.

As I thought about how I would like to implement PayPerPost in this experiment, I believe that I have addressed the two risks that I just mentioned.

In an effort to remain impartial while writing sponsored posts, I feel it is best to only accept the opportunities that allow a positive and/or negative tone unless it is for a product or service that I fully endorse. While I was waiting for this blog to be approved, there were a few opportunities that I saw which required a positive tone for something that I did not believe in and that is the type of opportunity that I will not pursue.

Regarding the frequency of posting, I understand this can be an area of concern and I will do my best to find a healthy balance of non-sponsored posts in-between sponsored posts. I’ve seen some sites that alternate between a sponsored post and a non-sponsored post but that is way too much in my opinion. Even though I would love to rack up the sponsored posts and earn my $1150, I understand that would likely drive all of you away and that is not worth it to me.

Up until this point I had not defined a goal to pursue with this blog and I am looking forward to the challenge of using this website to cover the cost of Chopper College tuition. This new found direction and purpose behind the monetization of this website has me excited.

One thing that will not change is the value that I place on all of you and the goal to deliver quality content to all of my readers. Therefore, I encourage all of you to share your thoughts and opinions on the use of sponsored posts.

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