What To Do After Being Dugg

by derek on July 19, 2007 · 51 comments

Have you ever had one of those moments that is so exciting that your knees get a little weak and you feel sick to your stomach?

I’ve had a few such moments in my life and today was one of them.

When I came back from a meeting and checked my stats to see that I had received over 10,000 visitors and my post on the exploding CD had over 600 diggs I was absolutely elated. Then I punched up my site and was greeted with a notice that my account was suspended due to an unexplained spike in CPU usage – oh, not so good but somehow it was still exciting to be a *victim* of digg.

After a quick email to BlueFur to explain that the huge spike in CPU usage was a result of being dugg, they had my account back up and running in no time. Thanks guys!

Digg Visitors

Right now I’ve had over 16,000 visitors and have 800 diggs. Naturally my first thought was about what I need to do now with all of the traffic that is coming into my site.

I’ve read numerous articles on things to do and not do after being dugg. While there are many different ideas and opinions on what to do, I thought this would be a great time to have a little contest for those in the community!

Contest! Easy to Win!
While I would love to say that I have a free iPhone or something really cool to give away, I would be lying to you.

Not to say that these prizes aren’t really cool though!

I’ll be giving away two t-shirts and a crazy little stress squeeze toy to three lucky winners. These aren’t just any t-shirts though as you will see below. One shirt is an authentic ShoeMoney t-shirt and the other is a coveted flippingrich.com t-shirt.

ShoeMoney and FlippingRich T-Shirt Contest

Note: There are two ShoeMoney shirts pictured :: one is a mens t-shirt and one is a womens babydoll t-shirt. The winners can pick which one they want.

Contest Rules
All you have to do to enter the contest is reply to this post in the comments. Only one reply per customer – well, you can reply as many times as you want but I am only counting one reply.

However, you can get a 2nd entry if you blog about this contest and send a trackback to this post.

Since this digg experience started on a Wednesday, you have until next Wednesday (July 25th) to enter and I will throw all of the names in a hat and pick the three lucky winners. No matter where you are in the world, I will ship the prizes to you.

Good luck everyone!

ShoeMoney and FlippingRich T-Shirt Contest

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