Speedlinking – 17 Sep 2007

by derek on September 17, 2007 · 12 comments

This week’s edition of Speedlinking is going to feature a few posts that caught my attention in my RSS reader this past week. There is a pretty healthy dose of variety between these posts so I am sure you will enjoy at least one of the following:

1. Gary Lee kicked the week off by sharing a list of 600 keywords that make money online. Don’t rush out and build an MFA site but read through the list and see if you can leverage any of the keywords on your site. I’m thinking I need a post in my “Cars” category about people that are trying to find car insurance! 😈

2. Sean Dinner had a very interesting random thought when he wondered if the Interweb went away, where would you go? Many of us remember a day before the Interweb yet now I cannot imagine a day without it.

3. Over at BlueFur, Michael Kwan asked the question: how effective are testimonials? I’ve used them in the past on a few sites but as I commented on Michael’s post, I typically feel that most of the testimonials come across as fake and don’t influence me. What do you think?

4. David Pitlyuk took a moment to share his experience, including photos, of dining at a Brazilian steakhouse. This looks right up my alley, although I noticed the one Brazilian steakhouse that I knew of in our area has closed.

5. Nick Mercer has started a new series on Working for Works Sake and kicked it off with the 4 step process to simplifying your lifestyle. My wife suggested one step for me to simplify my life – unplug the computer.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Speedlinking and I encourage you to share your thoughts with each author if you enjoyed their post. In an effort to further the link love for each of these posts, I’ve given each of them a Stumble so be sure to give them the “thumbs up” if you enjoy their post.

Future of Speedlinking
As much as I love the Speedlinking feature, I’m beginning to question whether a weekly edition is too much and/or whether the interest is still there. I’ve asked for reader submissions a few times, including last week, and did not receive any response. Therefore I am thinking of scaling back to maybe a bi-weekly or monthly feature.

What do you think?

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