Speedlinking – 12 Nov 2007

by derek on November 13, 2007 · 11 comments

This edition of Speedlinking brings a nice variety of posts and while I had originally thought about highlighting the various recaps of BlogWorld Expo – damn I am kicking myself for not attending – I decided to go with one recap post that links to most of the others.

1. Erik Karey discussed something that I have battled myself when he asked the question: Is your day job ruining your motivation? Speaking of a lack of motivation, my alarm will be ringing in approximately 4 hours for me to get ready for the day job.

2. Dave Pitlyuk posted his monthly recap that covers his blog stats and earnings. While my earnings are still very modest, I did not begin to make progress until I diversified my sources of income and Dave’s image licensing deal is a perfect example of finding new ways to make money. Keep up the good work Dave and congrats on all of the success thus far!

3. Over at Marketing Pilgrim, Roderick Ioerger discussed a post from Tom Critchlow about how to create user generated link bait. This does sound like a great idea and I am sure many people do not attempt this because it does require an upfront time commitment that many people are not willing to make.

4. ShoeMoney posted a great wrapup of BlogWorld and included links to many of the other recaps that I thought about including. Plus, I had to include Shoe’s post as his story about being caught in the ladies room is priceless.

5. Over at Dad Balance, follow along with how the thrill of playing sports with your kids disappears when you are demoted to second string in favor of their friends.

Given my regret about missing BlogWorld, I will be in Vegas during PubCon for a work conference so if anyone plans on attending PubCon please drop me a note so we can try and meet up somewhere.

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