Can You Record A Cellphone Conversation?

by derek on January 25, 2008 · 48 comments

Picture the following scenario…you line up an interview for your blog with someone from a very well known company and they request that you call them for the interview.

At first you are so ecstatic that you were able to land this interview…

Then you realize that you will have to make the telephone call from your cellphone and would prefer not to have to rely solely on your ability to feverishly take notes while conducting the interview.


The first instinct is to punch up Google and do a little searching to see how you can record a cellphone conversation. After spending an hour reading about all of the husbands and wives that suspect their spouse of cheating and want to catch the dirtbag on the phone, you realize there don’t seem to be many options.

At this point I have only come across two options that look like they might work:

  • Option #1 – Use a digital voice recorder and conduct the entire phone conversation while on speaker phone. Depending on the quality of the recorder and the clarity of the cell reception, you might get a decent recording.
  • Option #2 – Use a digital voice recorder connected to a telephone recording device, similar to either of the following: Radio Shack or Amazon. User reviews are somewhat mixed but this might provide a quality recording.

Neither of these options are quite as seamless as I had been hoping for but there might not be any other choice.

I’ve read that certain cellphones have a feature that will allow you record your conversation – but after looking at the two cellphones that I have it doesn’t look like this feature is available.

Another thought was to use Skype, which I believe has the ability to record a conversation. However, I cannot guarantee that I will be at my computer during the phone call so I would prefer not to rely on that option.

Therefore I am putting out the request to all of you…please let me know if you are aware of any other method that can be used to record a conversation on a cellphone.

One final note – I would certainly disclose to the interviewee that they were being recorded and ask for their permission to avoid any legal issues of recording a conversation.

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