Law Of Attraction Or Just Coincidence?

by derek on February 22, 2008 · 28 comments

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

While there have been times where I would say that I doubt the Law of Attraction, an experience tonight made me sit back and give some consideration as to whether it was all just a coincidence or if it was the Law of Attraction.

As a little bit of background, I have set a goal for myself to learn more about affiliate marketing and earn at least $5,000 in 2008 from affiliate marketing. When I created my TTZ Media affiliate site, I was experimenting with the earning potential of a pure affiliate driven site but I clearly have a lot yet to learn.

The more that I read and learn about affiliate marketing, the more that I have noticed people consistently mentioning two names – Rosalind Gardner and Zac Johnson.

As many of you know, I author a blog channel over at eMoms at Home and Wendy has nothing but great things to say about Rosalind. Likewise, Zac has received a great deal of attention recently with his posts about how he earned over $800,000 profit in four months.

You can see why these two people have been in my thoughts so much lately.

About two weeks ago I took a trip to the local library to look for a copy of the book Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online by Rosalind Gardner. The book was checked out but due back on the 22nd of February – so I placed a hold on the book. After anxiously waiting for the 22nd to arrive, I checked the library website earlier today and noticed that the book had been renewed and it would be another few weeks before I could get it for myself.

Tonight as I was surfing the Interweb, I happened to find myself on a site and noticed the MyBlogLog avatar of Rosalind Gardner. When I saw her avatar, I could not help but think how much her book has been on my mind recently and had to click through and visit her site. After spending some time digesting the information on her site, I have decided that I will stop by the book store to purchase a copy of her book as I don’t want to wait for the copy at the library.

Was it a coincidence that I stumbled across Rosalind’s avatar and site or was it the Law of Attraction?

As I mentioned earlier, I have been reading quite a bit about Zac Johnson’s ability to turn an amazing profit in four short months and have seen his name all across the Interweb. Zac’s blog has been an outstanding resource in my quest for knowledge on affiliate marketing as he shares quite a bit of detail with his readers.

Tonight when I arrived home from work there was a package waiting for me. As I picked it up to see where it was from, I noticed the return address up in the corner…Zac Johnson. I’ll be discussing the contents of the package in an upcoming post so stay tuned for that!

Coincidence or Law of Attraction?

Affiliate marketing has been at the forefront of my thoughts lately, in particular the lessons being shared by people like Rosalind and Zac, and tonight I could not help but think that the package from Zac and the fact that I stumbled across Rosalind’s site while browsing the Interweb are a result of the energy that I have been giving off.

This might sound a little corny but right now I feel like I am about to embark on a journey that is going to change my life.

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