How To Record A Cellphone Conversation

by derek on February 26, 2008 · 74 comments

About this time last month, I was in need of a way to record a cellphone conversation. While there were a few options under consideration, I turned to the community and asked: Can you record a cellphone conversation?

Here is a recap of the methods that were being considered:

  • Buy a new cellphone that can record. While there are cellphone models that do offer the ability to record a conversation, I’m not a fan of paying big bucks for a cellphone so this was not an ideal solution.
  • Use speaker phone and record the conversation. While this technically could work, my results were less than stellar. Maybe it is because my current cellphone – see comment above – is somewhat old but the volume and crispness of the recording was lacking.
  • Buy a recording device to use with my cellphone. Again the results were less than stellar, although the quality here may have suffered as a result of the headset that I purchased. In addition, the number of components required made this somewhat cumbersome for my purposes.

After testing two of the three options with lackluster results, I wasn’t quite sure what to do in order to get the best results.

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Then I remembered that a friend of mine had sent me an invitation to Google’s GrandCentral service. After signing up for the service, I noticed that they offer the ability to record conversations.


Thinking that I had found my solution, I was relieved and ready to record my first conversation. What’s that? You can only record incoming calls?


Given that the reason I had been exploring the possibility of recording a cellphone conversation was to record an interview, I could not exactly request that the other party call me in order to record the incoming call.

Not one to give up on a challenge, I began to think about how I could still manage to pull this off using GrandCentral’s ability to record a cellphone conversation. After a few Google searches proved to be useless, it hit me – I could use our “home” cellphone to call my cellphone, start the recording, and then conference in the other party.

While this scenario ultimately ends up in using double the minutes on the cellphone plan, I was able to test it and it worked great. The recording is clear and crisp – and saved online for me to access from my Google GrandCentral account.

Google has now announced that you can get a GrandCentral account as long as you have a Blogger account – thank you Janet, as seeing your post reminded me to write this follow up. In the event that you don’t have a Blogger account and don’t want one, drop me a line and I will see if I can send you an invitation to sign up for a GrandCentral account.

Should you find yourself in a position where you need to record a cellphone conversation, you can try one of the methods that I mentioned earlier and hope for better results – or you can sign up for Google GrandCentral and utilize their feature to record a phone conversation.

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Note: Google GrandCentral no longer offers the ability to send invitations. Please stay tuned for any further updates.

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