Blogging For Money :: February 2008

by derek on March 5, 2008 · 15 comments

After having my previous streak of five consecutive months with record earnings come to an end, January had been a strong rebound as I notched the second highest total in earnings since I began blogging.

Well, it was the second highest total.

February was an exciting month and continues the trend of building upon the success of the previous month to reach new heights. While things with Spicy Tech Deals have been slow thus far, it has certainly been a learning experience and a lot of fun.

If you’re trying to make money online, you need to constantly be exploring new tools and methods of making money. You will not be successful if you simply put up Google AdSense ads and expect the money to magically appear. With this monthly recap, I hope to share with you the tools and methods that have been working for me as well as which ones have not been working.

Dollars and Cents

As many bloggers are trying to squeeze a few dimes out of their blog, I like to share the details behind the tools and methods that have been working for me and those that have not worked quite as well.

Here is the Blogging For Money recap for February:

  • AdSense:
  • Kontera:
  • ReviewMe:
  • TextLinkAds:
  • Amazon:
  • LinkWorth:
  • Private Ads:
  • Affiliate:
  • PayPerPost:
  • Misc:
  • Grand Total:
  • $75.99
  • $11.74
  • $25.00
  • $205.05
  • $0.00
  • $96.43
  • $109.00
  • $0.75
  • $0.00
  • $25.00
  • $573.96

For the first time in nearly one year there was a ReviewMe review ordered in February and that added a nice little bonus to the monthly earnings. In addition, AdSense has continued to perform well and turned in the 2nd best month while TextLinkAds cracked the $200 barrier for the first time.

Over the course of the month there were a few opportunities to earn more money that I opted not to pursue. As you might remember, there was a question about advertising for casinos where all of you had a voice in the decision. While many of you indicated your support regardless of the type of ads on the blog, I decided to pass on the casino ads and the associated money.

Then towards the end of the month, there was an opportunity from TLA to be included in their premium inventory – which would come with an increase in the rate and additional exposure. However, there were a few restrictions with one being that I could no longer mention TLA or link to them from this site. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal, I prefer to be as transparent as possible here and it just didn’t seem right to me.

Plans for March

The year is off to a great start and this is no time to slow down. While there are four to five tools that are bringing in consistent money, there is still a need to continue experimenting in order to reach new heights.

With February coming in as my 2nd best month, I will be striving for March to improve upon that further and challenge for my best month ever. There will be additional tweaks to existing tools and the exploration of new tools as I look for the proper mix to maximize the earning potential.

The string of consecutive months with an increase in earnings is back in gear and that should continue in March. Right now the goal is to get to the point of earning $1000+ per month and it will certainly require a good deal of hard work – but that is what makes this all so fun.

As always, please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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