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by derek on April 1, 2008 · 29 comments

One of the things that I promised myself when I started this blog was to openly share any success with the readers that make an effort to be a part of this community.

Since that day over one year ago, I have given away some really cool squeeze toys, quite a few different free t-shirts, and even the old favorite of cold hard cash.

Another way that I like to try and give a little something back is by freely sharing the link love with the readers. One of my regular features are the Speedlinking posts where I highlight a handful of posts and give special recognition to the top commentators, as well as the blogs that send the most visitors this way.

Nearly one year ago, I joined the DoFollow movement to send a little extra link love to those that took the time to comment here.

Unfortunately, I also witnessed an increase to the number of spam comments that required moderation as a result. After getting your feedback, I had decided to stick with the DoFollow movement even though it required more effort to moderate comments and allow more “link by” comments from people only after the link juice.

After upgrading to WP 2.5 the other day, I have decided to take a slightly different approach with regard to the DoFollow vs. NoFollow debate.

While I no longer have the DoFollow plugin active on this blog, I have replaced that with the LinkLove plugin. This plugin removes the NoFollow reference after a person has commented 10 times.

In addition to the use of the LinkLove plugin, I have decided to install the CommentLuv plugin. This plugin rewards commentators by adding a link to their most recent post under their comment. I’ve seen CommentLuv on more and more blogs recently and I really think it helps promote the content of the commentators.

One thing that has not changed is the additional link in the right sidebar for the Top Commentators each month. These links have the NoFollow reference removed and will remain that way.

Hopefully all of you enjoy these changes and welcome the additional link love provided within your comments. As always, I welcome your feedback on the use of the LinkLove and CommentLuv plugins in place of the DoFollow plugin.

Just to set any questions aside, this is not an April Fool’s post of any kind. Rather than participate in the April Fool’s trickery, I preferred to look for a way to turn off the Interweb.

Although, I did take a queue from a commentator here (good one April) and left Michael Kwan a comment that I was removing his RSS feed after his joke. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Michael cares. 🙁

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