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by derek on April 16, 2008 · 17 comments

Sedo, the domain name broker, recently sold the domain for a nice little chunk of change – well, little as in $2.6 million little.

While there aren’t too many people that would complain about pocketing $2.6 million for selling a domain name, unfortunately doesn’t quite cut it in terms of the most expensive domains ever sold.

According to this article at Yahoo! Tech, you will need to sell your domain name for more than $3 million if you hope to crack the top ten list.

The Top Ten Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold

  •, $12.5 million
  •, $9.5 million
  •, $7.5 million
  •, $7.5 million
  •, $5.5 million
  •, $5 million
  •, $5 million
  •, $3.3 million
  •, $3 million
  •, $3 million

Personally, I am always amazed to see domain names selling for this type of money but can also understand the appeal of short, quality domain names and how difficult it can be to find one for your business.

As a side note, does anyone else feel that some domains are visually more appealing when typed in mixed case than in all lower case?

Looking back to the top ten list above, I find much more appealing than – and it isn’t just because the latter jumps out with the word “ass” at the beginning.

Have you ever tried to sell a domain name?

There have been a few that I have that I listed at Sedo at one time but never really made a serious effort to sell, although I would certainly part with for the right offer – hint, hint. Here are two of the domains that I registered shortly after getting started with blogging that are available:

If anyone knows Joel Comm, be sure to let him know that these domains are available as they would make a great site for his expertise with AdSense – don’t you think? 😉

How much would it take to part with your domain?

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