The Birthday Booty

by derek on April 22, 2008 · 25 comments

Last week was my wife’s birthday and you might recall that I promised to come back and reveal the birthday booty.

No…not that kind of booty – that might be better served for Silent Pillow.

The kind of birthday booty that I am going to discuss here is the haul that my wife received on her birthday. As I had mentioned previously, I did use the savings from my MacBook purchase to use towards the gifts below.

Canon SD1000

For Christmas, my wife bought me a Nikon D40x to replace the old Canon Powershot S30 that we have had for years. Since she has no interest in using the Nikon, she has wanted her own ultra-compact digital camera.

After reading plenty of reviews and comparing the physical sizes of the cameras, I settled on the Canon SD1000. While it isn’t the latest model, it is the most compact, has stellar reviews, and provides exactly what she wants in a camera – the ability to point, shoot, and get a good picture.

Transcend 8GB SDHC Card

Anyone that has bought a digital camera knows that the memory card that comes with the camera is essentially worthless. Since I didn’t want to be sharing the SDHC cards that I am using with my Nikon, I found this 8GB SDHC card from Transcend for about $30 on Amazon.

After giving her this card, I quickly realized that I should have secretly kept this card for myself and given my wife one of the 2GB cards that I have right now. 😈

Lenmar DLC4L Battery

Similar to the need for a memory card, I always like to have at least one backup battery for the camera. That way you can swap out to a fresh battery once it is drained and you avoid having to wait for a time when you can charge the battery.

With our current Powershot S30, we initially resisted the purchase of a backup due to the cost of the Canon replacement batteries. However, this Lenmar battery is compatible with a wide variety of cameras, including the SD1000, and is a fraction of the cost at about $11 on Amazon.

The Busy Moms Make It Quick Cookbook

This purchase is straight from The Unofficial Guide to Buying Your Wife a Gift that I recently authored.

While it is an “unsexy” gift, my wife has wanted this book for some time and hasn’t been able to find it anywhere locally. When I found it at a bookstore on my way home from work one evening, I quickly snapped it up for my wife.

This is the gift that gives back as I will reap the rewards with some new cooked meals to add to my list of favorites.

Coral Pink Nintendo DS Lite

Both of our kids have a Nintendo DS Lite and it is quite common to see my wife curled up with one of their games. While I have never seen her hoard it from the kids, I thought it was time that she have her own and the kids really wanted to get her one as well.

Normally my wife is not a big fan of pink, girly things but I did know that she wanted the pink DS. This purchase hit a snafu as I ordered from Circuit City and went to pick it up 24 minutes later, unfortunately when I got there they had a red DS for me and couldn’t find a pink one in the store.

Since they didn’t have my purchase ready within 24 minutes, I did get the $24 gift card – which also went to my wife as a bonus gift.

Nintendo DS Lite Travel Kit

With a vacation planned to Walt Disney World later this year and an upcoming trip to Ohio, one accessory that was a “must have” was a travel kit.

This travel kit includes a variety of accessories, including a carry case, car charger, additional stylus, and game cases.

While I prefer the lunch box style cases that our kids have, this wasn’t for me so we went with something we thought would go over well. The pink accessories complement the pink DS and now she can game in style.

Super Collapse 3

Obviously a brand new Nintendo DS isn’t any fun without games. While our kids do have a decent selection of games, it isn’t quite the same without at least one game of your own.

My wife is a huge fan of puzzle type games and that made Super Collapse 3 a no-brainer selection. Since her birthday last week, this game has received quite the workout.

Unfortunately for my wife, she became stuck on a particular level and handed me the DS exclaiming the level was “impossible” to beat. Roughly 10 minutes later, I had passed the level and gloated that I solved it (maybe not the best idea) without too much trouble.

Brain Age

This game was more for me than it was for my wife, but she quickly became hooked once she began playing. Our kids have wanted this game for some time yet we never picked it up for them, which made them slightly jealous – although they have played it a fair amount as well.

For anyone not familiar with the DS, it can be rather strange to be sitting in a room with someone when they begin yelling out words – colors actually, RED…YELLOW…BLACK.

New Super Mario Bros.

How can you own a Nintendo product and not have a Super Mario game? That is almost as bad as putting ketchup on a hot dog.

Even though our kids already own a copy of this game, there has been more than one occasion where someone was playing and someone else wanted to play on their own. Therefore purchasing this game was a wise decision and has already paid dividends.

The Birthday Booty

There you have an overview of the birthday booty that my wife received this year. The gifts were all a big hit – as evidenced by the fact that she tore open all of the packages immediately, causing me to grab product images from Amazon rather than taking my own picture of everything.

Unfortunately I cannot pat myself on the back too long as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching!

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