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by derek on June 24, 2008 · 52 comments

With gas prices denting our pockets more and more (although recently it has leveled off a bit) people are pulling out all the stops to try and reduce their driving and/or improve their mileage.

Surely you have read the tips about how your driving habits can improve your mileage – drive slower, consolidate trips, maintain proper tire inflation, and more. While these tips can certainly improve your fuel efficiency, gains will most likely be minimal unless you are a reckless driver right now.

How would you like to double your gas mileage?

When a friend of mine mentioned a product that he recently saw that claims to do just that, my ears perked up. With a daily commute that is more than 120-miles, I would sure like to double my gas mileage even though I already get a respectable 30-33 miles per gallon.


Hydrorunner has developed a “Hydrogen On Demand” system that is controlled via a pre-programmed computer that can be used with any EFI internal combustion or diesel engine. The system uses an old technology, electrolysis, to create hydrogen without the need for any catalyst.

The hydrogen is then pulled into the intake manifold which results in a more efficient burn of the fuel. The flow of hydrogen is controlled by a computer that is specifically programmed for the make and model of your vehicle.


With this system, the only maintenance requirement is to add tap water on a periodic basis.

According to the company website, test results indicate that the Hydrorunner doubles gas mileage, increases the engines horsepower by 10%, the torque by 8%, and extends the life of the engine considerably. Results also showed a decrease in the need for oil changes.

At a cost of $3500 for gas engines, it certainly isn’t cheap – although they do offer a 100% 90-day money back guarantee and a 2-year parts & labor unlimited mileage warranty.

Is it worth it?

Hydrorunner claims that most clients are enjoying an increase of 75-125% in fuel economy. Using my commute as a basis and estimating an average cost of gas at $4/gal, an increase within this range would basically be cash-flow positive after two years. After the third year, I would have potentially saved between $1200-2500 in fuel costs if the product delivers.

But does it deliver?

As appealing as the claims of Hydrorunner might be, can we be sure that the product really works?

There is an article on Yahoo! Green discussing why water powered cars will never work that seems to discredit the claims from Hydrorunner.

There are a lot of variations on the water-powered car, but they’re all bogus. People who say that adding gasoline-generated hydrogen to gasoline increases your gas mileage by 30% are full of it. It doesn’t matter if they call it HHO or H20 or Brown’s gas. It doesn’t matter if they’re creating it with a battery or a flywheel. It doesn’t matter if they’ve postulated a sixth dimension from which flows seemingly endless amounts of energy.

Who is right?

Without a thorough understanding of the science behind everything, I am not sure who is telling us more of the truth.

As much as I would like to believe in the claims from Hydrorunner, I do have my doubts and at the going price I don’t plan to find out for myself any time soon – even though it would be a fun experiment given how much I drive.

Do you think Hydrorunner can double your mileage?

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