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by derek on November 17, 2008 · 16 comments

Not too long ago, we talked about how certain corporations are embracing social media – which unfortunately does not include the company that currently supplies me with an income.

Social media in the context of business has been on the minds of many lately, as you will see in the handful of posts included in this edition of Speedlinking. While I continue to plot my strategy to introduce my employer to the possibilities of social media, take a look at the following posts.

1. Chris Brogan introduces us to Bob, an employee of a Fortune 500 company, and tells us a story about how Bob was told to shut up – you’re helping the customer. As I read the next chapter about Bob, I could not help but see numerous similarities between Bob and myself. Good luck Bob!

2. Frank Reed shared some insight from a session at PubCon that has turned him into a social media believer. Frank shares five bullet points that explain the reason that many that try their hand at social media, fail. Reading these points, I cannot help but think of the post from Shana that I mentioned last week.

3. Teresa Morrow, one of my fellow Sparkpluggers, gives some food for thought to those of us that are using social media with 10 things to remember when promoting your business. Again there is a common theme that comes through, focus on building a genuine relationship with people and let the rest fall into place naturally.

4. Terry Starbucker, who I had the privilege of meeting at SOBCon, is someone that understands social media. With that understanding, Terry gives us a view of social media from the inside and discusses a few of the questions his company is answering to determine if social media is right for them.

5. Over at The Lonely Marketer, Patrick Schaber shares a true story about a chair that demonstrates the idea that social media may not always be the appropriate vehicle, but that listening to your employees, as well as your customers, is essential for success. As much as we might all like to apply technology as the solution, sometimes the most basic of elements is all that is really needed.

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