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by derek on December 15, 2008 · 32 comments

After spending the evening turning the spare bedroom into a make-shift photo studio as I attempted to capture a handful of images for a product review that I am writing, it is only fitting that this edition of Speedlinking be dedicated to the art of photography.

In an effort to share a few new discoveries with all of you, I turned to Zuula Blog Search – which is a site that I learned about through my friend over at GrowMap and I enjoy more and more every day.

1. Smashing Magazine celebrates a collection of photographers that capture the life and culture of city streets with a look at the beauty of street photography. Prepare to lose yourself for quite some time, as there are links to each photographers’ websites and a collection of tutorials shared at the end of the article.

2. digital Photography School has a nice collection of tips on how to make the most of the art of travel of photography. While I don’t travel often at all, and when I do it is usually within a few hours drive from home, I find photographs of new locations and new cultures to be captivating.

3. With a long-standing goal of improving my photography skills, I found a handful of quality tips on Lifehacker in their ten cheap or free DIY photography projects. The tips that caught my eye were numbers four, two, and one. Now I could tell you what each of those were, but I think you’d get much more out if it you check out the entire post.

4. Many of you will recall that I am a huge fan of macro photography – which is why I thought this post on extreme macro photography on a budget was really cool. Now I am not sure that I am handy enough to attempt this, but the results are amazing.

5. Speaking of amazing macro shots – maybe I am being influenced by the fact that I am hungry right now – you should check out these 11 tips for great food photography. The best part about taking great food photographs is that you get to eat the food after taking the picture (did I mention that I was hungry?).

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