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by derek on January 19, 2009 · 42 comments

Ask someone if they want to be successful.

No really, ask someone – I’ll wait.

If the person you ask is like most people, they will look at you funny and then answer that of course they want to be successful.

Now ask them what steps they are taking to be successful.


While just about everyone wants to be successful, not everyone understands the process to become successful. This is something that I have struggled with myself and need to continue to improve.

If you could use a few pointers on how to achieve the success you want, take a look at the following posts.

1. Melanie from Dietriffic.com explains that one of the things we need to do to be successful is to stop negative thinking. It might sound corny but when it comes to success, often times we are our own worst enemy. For whatever reason, many people don’t believe they deserve to be successful and their negative thoughts contribute to them not being successful.

2. Laura Roeder from Roeder Studios shared a guest post at ProBlogger that details how to make deals with big shots in less than 10 minutes. While not a deal in the sense that Laura explains, I used many of these tips to secure interviews with big shots such as Darren Rowse, Shoemoney, and Leo Babauta.

3. Over at Beyond the Rhetoric, Michael Kwan asks what might seem like a simple question: Do you want to be normal?. While the question appears to be simple, the answer is more complex than you might think. People take comfort in making the safe decisions, but how much is that impacting their ability to be truly successful?

4. Phil Van Treuren from Contest Blogger details how he went from being out of a job to landing an SEO dream job close to home. Phil did something that might be considered out of the norm when he accepted a position with a small, family-owned business in an industry that he knew nothing about. How has it turned out?

5. Gary Jones from BlueFur walks us through another Weekend Project that is focused on how to make money with twitter. How many times have you heard someone say (or said yourself) that they wish they could find work doing XYZ? Well, Gary provides a great tip on how you can proactively find that work and make your own success.

Take some time to digest all of these outstanding posts that will put you on the path to achieving the success that you want. Nothing would make me happier than for all of us to be doing the work we love and achieve whatever success it is that we desire.

What tips do you have to be successful?

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