Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go :: February 2009

by andrea on March 1, 2009 · 33 comments

When I had told Derek that I wanted and was going to help him out, I had every intention of doing so. As my luck would have it, work and my personal life got extremely busy and I was left with little time for myself. Now things have smooth out (yay!) and life is back to normal. 

Last month on Derek Semmler dot com was pretty uneventful but that doesn’t mean that people didn’t stop taking an interest in what was going on over here! 

So here it is folks, The February 2009 edition of Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?

Top 10 Referring Sites

  1. Geekologie
  2. Courtney Tuttle
  3. InlineSEO
  4. Sparkplugging
  5. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  6. Molson in the Community
  7. romandock dot com
  8. Big Foot Web Marketing
  9. Bloglines
  10. Blog Blazers

Once again, Geekologie has taken the top spot for the month of February. Congrats! InlineSEO and Sparkplugging were neck and neck for 3 and 4th place. I would like to send a special shout-out to Nick from romandock dot com for beating me this past month, WTG! LOL One major thing I noticed about this past month is the new faces to the top 10 list. Drew’s Marketing Minute, Molson in the Community, and Big Foot Web Marketing to name a few. I checked out Drew’s Marketing Minute and i enjoyed his site. I especially enjoyed his encounter with a dog/marketing whisperer.

Top Ten Visited Posts

  1. How To Record A Cellphone Conversation
  2. Being A Better Husband
  3. Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
  4. Pictures :: Aftermath of Exploding CD
  5. Thesis Unveiled :: Threaded Web Redesign
  6. Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go :: January 2009
  7. Can You Record A Cellphone Conversation?
  8. 100 Push Up Challenge :: Join Me And Win
  9. Pursue Your Passion, But At What Cost?
  10. How To Add Affiliate Products From LinkShare

No surprise in seeing the cellphone conversation being top dog. It is pretty much the same list as last month but a bit jumbled up. 

Digging in Google Analytics, I discovered the pageviews and visits were slightly down from the previous months but not by much! So, yay for that! 

So in closing, I hope to bring more interesting post here. Now that I am back from vacation, you shall see more of me! But I will say that if you have any suggestions for posts and if you want to run it by me, please email me. Thanks!

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