Good Luck Storm Dance Alliance And PONY Thunder

by derek on June 26, 2009 · 35 comments

Storm Dance Alliance and PONY Thunder

It has been a long year of hard work for both of my kids in pursuing their passions, but they are each about to pursue the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

PONY Thunder

The passion that drives my oldest son is baseball and his pot of gold is the PONY baseball playoffs, which will begin this weekend. His team, modeled after the Trenton Thunder Minor League Baseball team, will be ranked as either the #2 or #3 seed depending on the outcome of the final game on Saturday.

Throughout the season, he has been a fixture behind the plate as one of the few kids that enjoy playing catcher. With a fair share of foul balls off of the mask and chest pad, and even an errant bat off of the elbow (ouch!), all of the hard work and pain is about to be forgotten as these kids enter the post-season.

As a dad, I have had the pleasure of numerous proud moments on the baseball field this season – including when he hit his first triple and throwing out two baserunners, one at third base and one at first that had taken a large lead.

But what I am most proud about is how he has worked hard on and off the field to improve his skills, supported his teammates throughout the season, and had fun.

Good luck in the playoffs Thunder!

Storm Dance Alliance

After trying baseball and coming away unimpressed, my youngest son found his passion in the dance studio as a member of the Storm Dance Alliance Hip-Hop Company. This coming week he will be in hot pursuit of his pot of gold in the form of the National Finals Dance Competition being held in the Wisconsin Dells.

The schedule has been grueling with more than a few 10-12 hour days at the dance studio and having to miss out on fun with his friends for extra practice sessions. All of the previous practices and competitions have provided the opportunity to fine-tune each dance in preparation for this moment, as he is now about to step out on the largest stage.

The dance studio has provided me just as many proud moments as a dad, whether it be his insanely long handstands or his latest trick of doing a headstand and pushing himself up into a handstand (go ahead and try it, it will humble you).

What makes me the most proud though is how he has overcome the fear of stepping out on a stage in front of hundreds of people to perform, ignoring the criticism from friends, and having fun doing something he loves.

Good luck at Nationals Storm!

The one bad thing…

As the kids embark on this journey to the pinnacle of their respective passion, the one bad thing is that the PONY playoffs and National Finals are scheduled for the exact same week.

That means a divided family between the baseball fields and the dance stage, so I am sure the text messages will be flying back and forth as we keep each other updated. Fortunately we both have nice new phones, otherwise we would have had to take a stab at winning Steve’s free iPhone 3GS contest (now how is that for a contest plug Steve?).

JB and G*Slick, I am extremely proud of you both!

(And no, we could not have planned it any better if we tried to have one son at Storm dance and the other on Thunder baseball. LoL!)

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