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by derek on December 27, 2009 · 11 comments

After years of cable service with Comcast, I recently reached the tipping point where the monthly bill had become far too ridiculous for what we were receiving.

Out With The Old

Sure, Comcast was flexible in that you could call up to complain every six months or so and they would throw you a teaser price tier for a few months. But after so long you begin to wonder why their long-term customers are shown such little love. It is unfortunate that companies spend so much effort on securing new customers and not making an effort to keep their existing customers – not exactly the type of good customer service that we like to see.

To be fair to Comcast, one area that they have truly excelled is their customer service on social media, in particular Twitter. For any existing Comcast customers, the next time you have a problem send a tweet to @ComcastCares, @ComcastDete, or @ComcastBonnie – each of which have helped me out a handful of times.

In With the New

Now, based on the title of this post you might think that I’ve become so fed up with the available choices that I’ve decided to launch my own cable or satellite service.

As cool as that might be, I haven’t come into an endless supply of money so instead I signed up for DirecTV (who also happens to be on Twitter @DirecTV). Many years ago I had DirecTV service and I can tell you that I never thought I would return to their customer database, but they made an offer that was difficult to pass up.

So here I am, enjoying my new DerekTV (credit for the name play goes to my “ich” brother @Derrich) and saving a nice chunk of money every month compared to what I was paying.

$100 For You…And Me

If you’ve found yourself paddling in the same boat of over-priced cable service and you’re looking to make a change, give me a shout and you can save yourself an extra $100.

DerekTV (that does have a nice ring to it, no?) has an offer of a $100 credit applied to your account when referred by an existing customer. In the spirit of full disclosure, the existing customer also receives a $100 credit to their account.

So far I’ve hit one snafu with DerekTV and that is that I missed a Chicago Blackhawks game aired on the Versus channel, as Comcast and DirecTV are in a pissing match over fees much like Comcast had recently with the NFL Network.

In my eyes, that is a small price to pay for the amount of money I am saving by switching over to DerekTV – and the availability of the Speed Channel on my package more than makes up for it.

Don’t forget – if you’re making the switch to DirecTV, get a referral from ME or someone else you know and save yourself an extra $100 on top of the other savings.

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