Notification Day

by derek on June 4, 2010 · 12 comments

Yesterday was “Notification Day” at work, and while I would like to tell you that this is the code name for a grandiose announcement or exciting revelation, it was anything but as this was the day that we all learned whether or not we still had jobs.

From an IT perspective, there were cuts – or should I say “reduction in staff” – of roughly 25% as they look to outsource a lot of the IT support and operations. We were aware that the layoffs were coming since early May, meaning the last three weeks or so have been extremely productive as everyone pondered what their fate would be come the anticipated Notification Day.

Well, yesterday came and went and I am happy (generally speaking) to report that I am still employed.

But what would I have done had I been “reduced” yesterday?

There was little that went unexplored as my mind searched for the next opportunity, one that might offer that scenario everyone dreams about – doing something that you love and getting paid to do it. Let me take you on a quick journey covering a few of the ideas that my warped mind came up with:

  • Long-haul trucker: I could liquidate everything, buy my own rig and earn an honest wage hauling product across this vast country. Unfortunately my wife wasn’t too keen on the idea of raising our boys from the cab of an 18-wheeler.
  • Dot com mogul: Since I started blogging, I’ve made money on a consistent basis but never enough to support my family. With no pesky day job to occupy my time, I could focus my energy on building an online empire. There is no way that I could fail as I already have the roadmap.
  • Poker player: Haven’t we all watched the poker tournaments on ESPN and thought that it is amazing that these guys, and girls too, get paid to play cards? Well, I have and knowing that I can beat my buddies every now and then surely means I can take down the likes of Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson…right?!?
  • Race car driver: With a 65-mile commute each way to work for the last 8+ years, I have logged a lot of time behind the wheel and quite honestly I don’t think there is a driver out there that can navigate Chicago rush hour traffic better than yours truly. Put me on an oval track where everyone only makes left turns and I would simply dominate. Believe it!
  • Move to the mountains: Along the lines of being a long-haul trucker, I would sell the house and cars and move out to a nice little cabin in the mountains. The preferred employment option would be to own and operate a little mom-and-pop business in town, know all of the locals, and lead a very simple, unassuming lifestyle.

There were other ideas as well, most of which involved working in just about any capacity for a professional sports team, but needless to say, I will not be exploring any these for the time being – although I am still working on the Dot Com Mogul piece on my off hours (and know that I would be the next big star in Nascar).

The process of letting my mind wander, exploring job opportunities from the mundane to the outrageous has been a refreshing experience. With there still being a level of uncertainty at work, I will likely continue to build on this process in the event that I do need to look any time soon (ahem, feel free to contact me if you can hook me up with any of the above or maybe even a killer opportunity for a guy that can write code like crazy, loves sports, motorcycles, sports, everything related to the Interweb, social media, etc.).

So now that you took a slightly disturbing (you’d run for the hills if I shared all of the details with you) voyage through my mind, what would your dream job be if you received bad news on Notification Day?

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