Family Fun With The White Sox

by derek on July 9, 2010 · 20 comments

When it comes to baseball in Chicago there is only one choice – well, for those with any semblance of intelligence – and that choice is the Chicago White Sox.

Being a lifelong fan, you can imagine how thrilled I was when a friend pulled a few strings for me and was able to set me up with amazing tickets for the White Sox game against the Los Angeles, err Anaheim…oh forget it, the Angels.

With tickets right behind home plate, not to mention the row immediately behind Ramon Castro’s family, we were like kids in a candy shop.

There is little that could have dampened our experience, not even the 2.5 hour rain delay or sweltering heat and humidity. We didn’t once think about leaving – that is the kind of thing that Cubs fans do. The game was more than worth the wait too, as the Sox won the game with some timely hitting to complement great pitching.

Family Fun – Autographs

As a kid at the ballpark, there isn’t much that can beat the thrill of tracking down one of the players from your favorite team and securing an autograph. I’ll never forget my days at old Comiskey Park trying to land the elusive scrawl on a baseball, or when I was at Fenway Park and Jon Garland came over to give me an autograph when I commented about his last outing in the prior series.

On this night at the ballpark, my youngest son (G-Slick), had all of the thrills as he secured autographs from Ramon Castro and Brent Lillibridge; the latter as the rain was pouring down and everyone was running for cover.

Oddly enough, when he obtained the autograph from Ramon Castro we had no idea that we were sitting directly behind his family.

For anyone that is a sports fan and can remember the thrill of getting a player’s autograph, you can imagine the smile that was on my son’s face the entire night. It is a memory that I will never forget.

Family Fun – Pictures

Speaking of memories, one way to preserve the memory of your experiences is with photographs. Knowing that we would have pretty good seats for the game, I decided to bring along my Nikon D40 so we could capture some of the action from the game.

Now, I have to emphasize that I thought we would capture some of the action.

My oldest son, the mastermind behind Click the Brick, decided that he wanted to try his hand at photography and asked if he could use my camera to take pictures during the game. Little did I know that I would not see my camera again.

Over the course of the game, JB took 491 pictures!

Unfortunately, there were not a ton of keepers but I can guarantee you that he had an absolute blast capturing various aspects of the game. I’ve decided to share a few of the pictures here that were taken at the game, but you can see more over at flickr.

Note: Being right behind home plate, JB had a bit of a disadvantage due to the safety net and pole that you will see in quite a few of the pictures. But I think he still captured some great shots.

Cannot Say Thank You Enough

Before I get to the pictures, I want to again express my gratitude to my friend that coordinated this night full of fun for my family. The heat, humidity, and 2.5 hour rain delay could not detract from our experience and we will all be remembering this game for quite some time. Thanks! 🙂

If baseball is not your cup of tea, I strongly encourage you to find something that you can do with your family this summer to create your own lasting memories. In the event you’re scratching your head trying to think of an idea, check out this list I wrote awhile back covering 10 things to do with your kids.

Now…on to the pictures.


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