20 Words That You Must Read Now

by derek on January 17, 2011 · 21 comments

By now you might be sick of listening to me talk about my evaluation of Market Samurai or all of the amazing tips that I am learning on the Warrior Forum – not to mention the number of great people I have met.

But bear with me a little longer here…

Anyone that has tried their hand at affiliate marketing – or Interweb marketing – can appreciate the struggles that it takes to be successful. So many people are looking for the magic bullet. The foolproof blueprint to success. On the surface it might look like these people are just downright lazy.

In some cases that is true, but would you believe me if I told you that often times these people are looking for direction because they have been spinning their wheels for so long and going nowhere? What if I told you that I had 20 words that would perfectly summarize exactly what these people have experienced?

Are you ready for the 20 words?

Here are 20 words that I read in one of the Market Samurai training videos that has literally changed my perspective on what I am doing and where I need to be focusing my efforts.

It takes the same amount of work to build an unsuccessful business as it does to build a successful business.

Think about that for a minute. Now read it again a few times.

Are you appreciating the meaning of those 20 words?

As I have been reading through the Warrior Forum I have noticed that the number of people that are devouring the guides, strategies, and plans provided by others (some for free and some at a cost) are plentiful. To the casual observer it might look like these people are simply looking for the easy way to make millions online without having to do any hard work.

But as you really digest what these people are sharing and what they have done, it is clear that the many of them have been down the road of doing what they thought was right only to find out that they have been building an unsuccessful business.

Heck, I have felt like that myself many times.

Whether it was creating all of the blogs that I currently own (don’t ask me to name them all off the top of my head) or working on developing websites for clients, there have been times where I have wondered if I am spending all of this time on the path to an unsuccessful business.

Over the past week as I have been reading everything I can and adding life back to this blog, I feel like I have been gaining a bit of clarity.

Make no mistake about it – the information I am consuming is not with the intent to find the secret system that will build me automatic wealth over night without lifting a finger. Quite the contrary. Hard work does not scare me, actually I tend to thrive on it. But what I am trying to do is make sure that I am not working hard on building an unsuccessful business.

Taking a step in the right direction

Are there any guarantees that the path you are on is moving towards a successful business? Unfortunately, there are very few guarantees in life. However, by setting goals with specific milestones you should be able to get a better picture of which path you are on.

Where is my path leading me?

First, I am resuming activity on the blogs – as you can see with more consistent posts recently. While it is important to me to be active here and on my other blogs, I also need to be cognizant of the overall direction that I am taking and let the blogs be a vehicle to assist that journey.

Right now I feel that my path is leading me towards creating my own informational products that others can utilize on their own journey. As a matter of fact, I am currently working on the finishing touches of my very first informational product based on a need that I noticed while reading – what else, but the Warrior Forum. This has been an exciting step for me and I cannot wait to launch the product, which will most likely be made available to forum members only.

So, go back and read those 20 words again.

As the importance of those words begin to sink in and you evaluate the path that you are on, please do share your thoughts with me. If there is one thing I have learned it is that very few people make it in this industry solely on their own, so collectively like-minded people can truly do amazing things!

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