3 Options To Ensure Internet Marketing Success

by derek on January 18, 2011 · 33 comments

Before we discuss the three primary options that can ensure your success with Internet marketing, I want to mention a quick tip to all of my fellow bloggers that are trying to make their way. This might be obvious for some of you but I am sharing it to hopefully benefit those that have not thought of this before.

Tip: Listen to your readers when they comment on your blog. This post was inspired by a comment from gekko2.0. Not only will listening help you target posts to the information your readers want, but you will also go a long way towards building a true community of people sharing information.

Ok…now back to our three options to ensure success.

When it comes to Internet marketing there is no question that some people are looking for the magic bullet. Unfortunately it just does not exist – or if it does it is the best kept secret in the world.

So why are people buying products and services from the appointed gurus of the industry?

In many cases it is not because they are looking to avoid the hard work that they know is required. Instead it is often a result of having done so many things unsuccessfully that they are looking for a guide that will show them the right things to be doing. Remember my 20 words?

For those of you that are doing your best to achieve success with your Internet marketing efforts, there are essentially three primary options that you can follow to ensure your success.

Trial and error

Ultimately this may be one of the most successful options to ensure success, however it is also the most expensive option. You can read all of the best information about Internet marketing that you can find, but until you begin to put the lessons into practice you will not achieve a single thing.

As you do begin to test different strategies or different ads, you need to be prepared to learn a few lessons the hard way – by losing money. Even for the most successful marketers, not every campaign is going to be profitable. With that in mind, beginners need to be prepared that they will not achieve instant success (sure, it does happen but few and far between) right from the start.

The downside to this option is that often times people starting out with Internet marketing are looking to make money because they don’t have much money now. They’re looking for a supplemental or replacement income, and cannot afford to make too many mistakes. So what do they do?

Purchase products from the experts

We can debate the term “experts” but as people shy away from the trial and error option, they often turn to the products that have been there and done that – or at least the ones that can sell the fact that they have been there and done that.

These products may be eBooks, automated tools, services, or many other flavors.

As I mentioned earlier, people purchasing these products aren’t necessarily looking for the lottery ticket that will bring them instant riches. Rather they are looking for someone with experience to guide them down the path and show them which activities are important and which are not. Essentially, they want someone to show them the trial and error option minus the error.

The problem with this option is that there are far too many self-appointed experts that have made their riches by selling these products that promise the moon. Don’t get me wrong, there are some valuable guides out there. But the market is saturated with fluff and this often leads people from one product to the next, spending just as much if not more than the trial and error option.

Learn directly from the expert

Last but not least, we have the option where you learn directly from the expert – also known as mentoring. The important thing to remember is that mentoring doesn’t mean “give me all the answers so I don’t have to do any work.”

Think of mentoring as having a person that you can bounce ideas off of and discuss different strategies. Not someone that will simply give you a numbered list of tasks to accomplish.

When you have a question or you’re not sure if you’re doing something just right, you can reach out to your mentor and ask for guidance. Before you start a new campaign, you can send your mentor a quick note to ask if their opinion on your landing page or ad text. As you progress, your relationship may grow to the point where you work with your mentor on an initiative and possibly become partners on your own product.

The difficulty with this option is finding that person that is able and willing to be your mentor. It can be difficult to determine if someone is simply trying to sell you their latest product, or if they are genuinely trying to help you find success.

My recommendation

It is difficult to say which one option is the best, and the answer will certainly depend on the situation and the person in question.

For me personally, I am working towards a hybrid of all three options. I’ve been known (or should I say been guiltly) to have purchased a product here and there as I looked to find my direction. With all of my blogs and websites, I have certainly been trying the trial and error method.

The part I have been missing thus far is the mentor, however I will suggest that by remaining genuine and honest with yourself and others that you will find your mentor. Pay attention though, as sometimes it takes awhile to recognize that the person you have been chatting with or asking questions of is in fact already your mentor.

Which option have you found to be the most successful?

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