Friday Four: Lessons From First Product Launch

by derek on January 21, 2011 · 53 comments

Over the last week or two, you have certainly heard me mention my involvement with the Internet Marketing forum known as Warrior Forum and there have been a few mentions of launching a product. In this edition of the Friday Four, I wanted to share a few of the lessons that I have learned from my first ever product launch.

That’s right, I’ve launched my first product!

Before we dive into the lessons, let me first introduce you to the product that I created – csvSiteBuilderPRO.

With the csvSiteBulderPRO you are provided with all of the code and a step-by-step guide to creating affiliate websites that have been proven to convert sales. The beauty of my product is that you don’t need to be technical. If you can edit a spreadsheet, you can build websites with my product.

These websites are not complex. They are not pretty. As a matter of fact, you would probably look at them and scoff thinking that something so basic and lacking in features would simply not work.

Based on traditional thinking, you would be correct.

However, the way these websites are designed acts as a funnel leading your visitors directly to your affiliate product and nowhere else. Think about it – you’ve created complex, nice looking websites and they don’t convert!

On to the lessons…

Don’t over-complicate things

When I first made the decision to create my own product, I was driving myself mad in trying to come up with the most sophisticated product that would blow everyone away. As you might imagine, I spent more than a few hours spinning my wheels and did not have a single tangible idea.

Then it hit me – stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Sure, creating an industry changing product would generate a considerable number of sales. By the same token, creating a product that isn’t too complex yet makes someone’s job easier to do can be equally as rewarding. If you’re stuck on the idea for your product, take a step back and look at tasks that can be simplified.

Understand your target market

Once you have your idea, or actually to help you come up with your idea, take some time to truly understand your target market and what it is that they need.

The idea for csvSiteBuilderPRO hit me when I was reading a thread in the “War Room” on the Warrior Forum. The creator of the forum shared a post about this extremely basic website that he created that was generating sales. He didn’t promote the site at all. Not one bit. No back links. No search engine submission. Nothing. Yet it converted with very little traffic. All of the comments in the thread were asking for the script he used to create the website.

There it was!

All of these people were clamoring for the script to generate these websites. Even when he assured them that the script had nothing to do with his success, they still wanted the script.

There is my market and I know exactly what they want – the csvSiteBuilderPRO!

Prepare for customer service

Once you launch your product, you need to be prepared to handle the volume of customer service requests. Depending on the product, there might not be too many questions or problems but you can be sure there will be some. If you’re not prepared to respond quickly with an appropriate answer, people will be turned off immediately.

Given that my target market is people with little to no technical experience, I have had a few inquiries for assistance but it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve made every effort to exceed what someone would expect in terms of customer service, including providing one customer with more thorough step-by-step instructions as he was not familiar with even the terminology being used.

There is no guarantee that your product launch will be successful, but if you deliver poor customer service you can be pretty certain that you won’t generate too many sales – on this launch or any future launches.

Don’t forget to have fun

Creating a product can be extremely stressful. Not necessarily in a bad way but it is easy to get caught up worrying about whether or not it will be successful or if you have overlooked something important.

Throughout the process, you need to remind yourself that creating your own product should be fun. Otherwise you might as well stay punching the clock. Don’t get me wrong, you will have a lot of hard work ahead of you but there is nothing saying that you cannot have fun at the same time.

Likewise, once you launch, have fun with it.

There is no question that we all want to instantly generate hundreds of sales. Don’t consume yourself with how many sales you will have. Let me tell you this, once you are notified of that first sale, I challenge you to not have fun!

It’s a wrap

Now that my first product has launched – and made a number of sales – my work is not done. As I mentioned above, there will be the continued customer service as well as potentially launching a product website and adding it an affiliate network.

Not only that but the gears are already turning on the next product.

Regardless of the success that you have, make sure that you take the time to enjoy the process and give thanks to those that have helped you along the way. Personally, I owe a huge debt to Aaron (“Lazy”) over at CaseSensitive Ads. He went above and beyond what anyone could expect from someone as he helped answer a TON of questions and offered me invaluable input on my launch. Thanks Aaron!

Be careful though, you might become addicted to creating products!

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