Who Wants To Balance Their Life With A Breakation?

by derek on April 6, 2011 · 25 comments

For most people, taking a vacation is only a dream. With today’s busy lifestyle, hectic jobs and family obligations, who has the time (or money) to fly away to a tropical island, the mountains or a lush rain forest? It is estimated that in the United States, the average worker who is actually at a job that offers benefits, receives around eight days of vacation time per year.

However, a majority of these same individuals admit they use most of these days as sick days for themselves or their children or they take one day off here and there to get caught up on household chores.

It is quite unfortunate that Americans are working more than they ever have, yet relaxing and vacationing less. This all work and no play leads to stress, poor health, unfavorable eating habits, irregular sleep patterns and problems with spouse and family relationships.

Since people can’t spare the vacation days, expenses and hassle of planning a getaway, a breakation is now the word for the future decade!

What is a Breakation?

A breakation is a little longer than your average coffee break yet considerably shorter than a real vacation. This could be a few hours set aside for yourself once a week, a whole day or even an occasional weekend if you are really lucky but the important thing is, you do something just for you.

What would you like to do if no one called or needed anything from you? Perhaps breaking down and buying yourself a used motorcycle so you can hit the open road would be a great idea? Doesn’t a road trip with no worries and a lot of fresh air sound unbelievable?

Maybe your idea of a breakation is taking a drive to the closest slopes to go skiing or snowboarding for a few hours? Better yet, you could get yourself some heated motorcycle clothes, ride to the resort, rent equipment when you get there and then ride back home. That would be a whole adventure you can probably accomplish in 8 to 10 hours and you will sleep like a baby when you go to sleep!

The great thing about a breakation is that there are no rules! You can do whatever you want, even if that means flying a kite or driving two hours to a beach or park that you have never been to, just to lay under a tree and read a book.

Why You Need a Breakation

You need and deserve a breakation every week! It doesn’t always have to be a huge adventure but even a couple of hours can help bring balance to your life. You need time to relax your mind so your body can be healthy. If you constantly work and take care of daily responsibilities without any personal enjoyment, you increase your risk for health concerns and you probably find yourself snapping at little things you wouldn’t normally be bothered by.

You work hard to pay bills and take care of your family. When your friends need you, they know that you can be counted on no matter what.

Don’t you deserve a little balance in your life and time to focus on yourself?

Don’t you deserve a breakation?

About the Author

Mike Ellero is a motorcycle salesperson who takes the time to ride as often as he can to bring balance to his life which allows him to be more healthy, productive and successful. He sells motorcycles and heated motorcycle clothes so individuals can enjoy a breakation! On his website, you will find information about riding safety and motorcycle leather clothing.

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