5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

by derek on June 1, 2011 · 81 comments

Before digging deep into the topic, you should understand the fact that generating or redirecting traffic to any site, doesn’t happen overnight. There are millions of people who spend most of their time within their browsers searching for new things and learning about new stuff almost every day.

The Internet is not just about chatting and emailing anymore, it has now become an experience and an integral part of everyone’s day to day life. People nowadays are aware of what a shiny banner ad does and also know how to draw a line between the best and the worst.

As a blog owner, the era when people automated things to generate more traffic and revenue are long gone. The idea behind the top blogs of our age are very simple, all of them have excelled in reaching people on a personal level.

One way to get that personal touch is through social media. And it works great for traffic too. Here are five very important tips to draw traffic through social media.

Be a smart tweeter

That’s right, tweet meaningful things, tweet with proper tags, with proper links and proper photos, if needed. Let the tweets be human, do not let the tweets always contain some reference to your website. Encourage users to reply to your tweets, ask questions, reply to even the silliest of questions and do much more.

In general, you have to be a genuine participant in twitter and should contribute as much as you can to the twitter world. This will help you gain some genuine visitors to your blog in the long run.

YouTube needs creativity

Even if you are creating a simple video about your blog, make sure it is creative. You should also take great care in optimizing the title, description, tags and category to reach the maximum visitors possible.

Shoot the videos with a good quality camera; if it is about online presentations, make sure you do it very elegantly or hire someone to do it for you.

Respond to every user comment on YouTube, thank them if they have appreciated your work and always try to have your blog’s link in the description of the YouTube video and the replies you make to your viewers.

Facebook fan page, the ultimate promo way

One of the best promotional methods available today is to promote your blog through a Facebook fanpage. Add special widgets in your blog through which the visitors can become a fan; throw special events or run competitions every now and then on your Facebook fanpage to keep your fans happy.

Design the fan page properly with forms so that the fans can subscribe to your newsletter, which will help you to get regular visitors to your blog.

Organic keywords and optimization

Optimize every page of your blog with proper keywords, make sure that the traffic you get is organic, that is, traffic through search engines. Monitor your day to day traffic, know where your traffic is coming from and design future content for your blog accordingly.

Encourage people to comment on your post, encourage them to suggest them and even have a few as guest writers, if they are qualified enough. These practices will help you generate lot of genuine back links, which will raise the page rank of your blog in the long run.

Get Tweetdeck/Hootsuite/Market Me Suite

These applications help you to keep in touch with different social media accounts instantly. If you are a busy blogger (who isn’t?), you will not have much time to browse through all the tweets and the Facebook status updates. I am not going to give you a review or tell you which one of these is better; that is actually an entire post on its own.

I personally use Market Me Suite and I am so happy with it. You can choose any free or paid applications like these, that let you be somewhat organized with managing your social media accounts and your activity.

Using applications like these, which will help you keep track of almost all the social media updates through a single window, helps with better interaction and auto updating (or scheduling of updates) more effectively.

Have you tried these methods?

What more could you add?

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