Joining The Ranks Of Published Authors

by derek on June 20, 2011 · 84 comments

Dad, can we...45 Ways to be the Dad Your Kids Need

Late last week I officially joined the ranks of published authors…well, kind of.

While some may dispute whether or not I have officially become a published author, I can say that I have a book, or maybe more appropriately a report, that is published on the Kindle store for anyone (that means you, *wink, wink*) to purchase.

Sure, I didn’t have to endure the painstaking process of submitting my work to publishing houses and receiving rejection letter after rejection letter. However, more and more well established authors are going the route of self-publishing their books in an electronic format via the Kindle or other e-Readers. Regardless, I find it to be truly exhilarating to be able to visit Amazon and see “…by Derek Semmler” listed.

As you can see by the image here, I put together a report on 45 ways that you can be the dad that your kids need. Being the dad of two terrific boys, I have certainly taken my bumps and bruises and learned many of these lessons the hard way, while others were things that I learned by remembering how my own dad carried himself.

By publishing this report, I hope to help at least one other dad avoid some of the mistakes that I have made and never have to be in a situation where their son or daughter stops coming to them and asking, “Dad, can we…?”

Before you rush over to Amazon to buy your copy – after all, it is only $0.99, – I will remind you that this is being published for the Kindle.

What’s that?

You don’t have a Kindle?

No worries, you can download the Kindle app for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid phones; or there is also an app for iPod Touch, iPad, and PC.

If you are kind enough to purchase a copy, please do share an honest review on Amazon or come back here and share a comment. It is always helpful to hear what other people think of your writing no matter if the feedback is negative or positive.

Until then, I will just continue to refresh Amazon as a confirmation that I really am a published author. =)

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