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Blogs can be multi-functional and no matter the reason for starting the blog, you can always find ways to make your blog more resourceful for you. Of all the aspirations that beginning bloggers have, the cliché and yet contrarily, most valued of these aspirations is to secure a book deal based on your blog.

It has been known to happen and it is natural to presume that there might be some essential tips for the process to be successful. It is not necessary that this process works exactly in a similar way for you, try to take the tips to optimize your own process and get the deal. Although I share here what we have tried and found to work on our discount coupon blog that features autotrader and coupons.

What the audience wants

When you start your blog, you concentrate on defining your niche. This is much the same for book deals; the publishers will want your book to have valuable information for your target audience. This information can be a solution to some long-standing problem or it might define a completely new area of your niche.

This is where your blog comes in to your rescue.

Niche blogs generally, reflect your expertise and ease with the topic. The information that you post regularly must have a solid impact on your readers, only then will you be able to convince your publisher that the information is worth publishing.

Follow up with development of your topic

When you target a niche topic for your blog, your main criteria should be to demonstrate your expertise on the topic via your posts. However, straight information can get tedious and gradually become the reason for your dwindling reader zone. Developing your posts to objectify your niche in a different light is necessary to highlight your blog amongst the major number of blogs that are your competition in the game. Your book deal will not materialize based on general information; you need to develop a unique style.

You need to focus on the niche to skim out the sub niche and the exclusive zone that attracts your readers. Remember the book cannot always be about you but it has to be about your readers. The readers will pick your book because they would want to know about their problems and the relevant solutions.

Therefore, the follow up and development of the blog posts should also have the strain of that something that only you can give to your niche readers.

Pitch your marketing platform

Book deals do not materialize without a trace promise of audience. In fact, most book pitches include the outline of a marketing strategy and book promotion. However, when the deal is based on a blog, you already have a well-coordinated niche promotion media for your publisher. This is the part where your hard efforts towards building up your subscribers lists pay off.

However, your blog cannot be the only media that you focus on for this promotion.

Books and the Internet will always have that duality challenge where traditional faces off the new trend. You have to target traditional media for your book promotion and it will help if you have a strategy roughly outlined for your book deal pitching. The new trend will broadly target the new generation but you cannot target such a slim audience group for a book.

Detail your unique value

The whole process of a book deal is based on your project’s uniqueness. After all, you deem this project valuable enough to pitch for it. However, your blog needs to display this unique value clearly, if you are looking to land a deal based on your blog. Posts that follow a general style have a lesser chance of coming through as removed from the norm. Idealization of extraordinary concepts is as much necessary as the content of your posts.

If you work with a topic that is stretched wide, you need to narrow down to the part where you shine as the most purposeful. This stretch of the subject is the base of your book and your book deal sorely depends on finding this stretch fast.

The good news is your blog gives you total involvement with your niche on a regular basis. As such, you might come to the relevant conclusions regarding your unique value with proper assessment of your early and current most popular blog posts.

The challenge is not the starting up of the blog. You have free of cost options like or Blogger that can work just as great as the ones with a small expense on them (Buying custom domains). Remember to seek out publishers and pitch your book deal along with a rough outline of your promotion techniques.

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