Rediscovering Focus In 2012

by derek on December 29, 2011 · 15 comments

With the New Year quickly approaching, I have been taking some time to evaluate all of the irons that I have on the fire to see where my focus should lie for the coming year.

In terms of this blog, I was doing a bit of analysis via Google Analytics to get a feel for what is bringing readers to the site via the search engines. While this doesn’t necessarily give an accurate picture of the most visited content, it does provide some insight on what terms other people are using to find the site.

Based on the most popular search terms, the focus of this site should be the following in 2012:

Now clearly that does not fit with the original intention of this blog, which was meant to be a resource to provide tips and tricks on building your own blog; share lessons learned with regard to affiliate marketing; drill down into what worked and didn’t work when it comes to making money with a blog; and discuss how building a social media presence leads to increased traffic, which leads to more opportunities to leverage your blog into bigger and better offers.

However, I do think there is still something to learn from knowing that roughly 72% of the top search terms being used to drop people on this blog are related to the two topics above.

What is there to learn?

Basically that the purpose of this blog was really to build a community. Yes, much of that community had a shared interest in blogging and learning how to make money from their blogs. But it was equally important to learn about connecting with people beyond the blog as well.

It was about sharing words of wisdom from my 10 year old son. Or showing a few pictures of my wife’s handmade jewelry.

I shared personal accounts of what I was doing to be a better husband, while also taking time to highlight the success of the community as a whole.

What does all of this mean?

Ultimately, at the core, the success of a blog has less to do with the topic of the content and more to do with sharing yourself with your readers.

Building relationships.

Connecting with other people.

Speaking openly and honestly about any topic.

Now that doesn’t mean that the topic of the content is not also important. But often times we as bloggers seem to get a little hung up on trying to come up with the perfect niche, or even more granular the perfect post.

Share yourself with your readers and build a rapport with them on a personal level.

That is probably one of the things that I miss the most from when this blog was clicking on all cylinders. The days when the comments on each post were a conversation between regular readers of the blog, some people who I’ve met in person and others that I have yet to meet.

And that is my focus for 2012.

Begin to use this as a vehicle to share my voice without limiting myself to specific topics. Maybe “begin” isn’t really the right word. Rediscover? Revisit?

That doesn’t mean any of the people that were part of that original community will find their way back, but I look forward to that possibility while also being excited about the opportunity to build a new community with new people as well.

While I hope to connect with you over the course of the coming year, let me start by asking you, what is your focus for 2012?

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