From One Generation To The Next

by derek on July 6, 2012 · 49 comments

For those that have read my fatherhood book, which happens to be an Amazon best seller, you will know that one of the things that I enjoy most about being a dad is finding ways to spend time with my two boys.

As they have gotten older, our adventures have changed but I feel it is essential to continue to find different ways to connect with each of them. And now that my oldest is only a few short years away from driving age (damn that is a scary realization), what better way to bond than, as Bob Barker would have said…

A brand new car!

Well, maybe not a brand new car – as you will see shortly – but a car that we can enjoy together.

Growing up I never really thought about cars much, other than begging my parents to borrow theirs once I turned 16 and wanted to head out with my buddies. But as I finished up college, and now have two kids of my own, I look back and wish that my dad and I had shared a bond over cars.

Out in the hot, dusty garage with the hood popped open. Learning about tools (and life), and how no job would be complete until you skinned at least one knuckle.

The Choice Is Theirs

From the time I tried my damnedest to convince my dad to let me buy a 1972 Olds Cutlass when I was 16, I have wanted to own a classic car. Not a show car though, but rather a car that could be an every day driver. One that needs work, and one that I won’t blow a gasket over if it gets a scratch.

The search was over when I found my 1950 Ford Custom.

Without question, some will look at it and turn their nose. Or ask me when I am going to fully restore the car to show quality. But that isn’t what I want.

For me, this car fit my desire to find a rat rod style cruiser that I can drive anywhere and everywhere I want, but at the same time have a laundry list of things to work on and customizations to make. By no means am I an extremely skilled mechanic, but having a good running car means I have an opportunity to learn and have fun.

Ideally, my two boys will see me working on the car and it will pique their interest enough to get greasy and help me. And maybe it will be something that they can then pass on to their kids, from one generation to the next.

But even if all they want to do is hop in the seat next to me and take it out for a joy ride, that is fine by me too!

With that all said, I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do:

1950 Ford Custom Front View
1950 Ford Custom Back View
1950 Ford Custom Side View
1950 Ford Custom Profile View
1950 Ford Custom Inside View

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