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by derek on March 15, 2007 · 3 comments

When I wrote a review of John Chow dot Com over at My New Choice, I was approaching the site from the perspective of a personal finance blog.
Another Review Opportunity
John is offering another opportunity to review his blog and receive two links back from John using your own anchor text.
As anyone that has followed John’s site will know, two links back to your site has the potential to bring in a considerable amount of traffic and some of them will likely become regular readers of your own site. Just take a look over to my sidebar and you will notice that the Top Commentators on this site are also regulars of John Chow dot Com.
Since I have just jumped into the realm of the narcissistic bloggers with this new site, I figured that I might as well throw out another review of John’s site to take advantage of this latest offer.
Reviewing From a Different Perspective
As mentioned above, my original review was written with the intent of appealing to the readers of my personal finance blog. Since this site does not have that narrow of a focus, I will approach this from a different perspective: one of using your blog to make money.
I have no doubt that their are other bloggers out there that are making quite a bit more money than John Chow is right now. However, not many of them are doing it while also taking the time to share the tips for success with their online community. John is in rare company as he has built a large following in a very short amount of time and is genuine enough to give back to that community as he takes the time to explain the tricks and tools he is using to make money online.
I’ve been on the receiving end of that generosity in more ways than one, as an avid reader that is beginning to implement some of the tips on my own blogs to the winner of the Lego flash drive in John’s MyBlogLog Community Contest.
Evil Network Card Carrying Member
Using some of the tips that John has provided, I have seen My New Choice rise through the Technorati rankings (currently 22,810) and my Google Page Rank jump to PR3. My Alexa ranking is improving as well and the number of people subscribed to my RSS feed has continued to increase.
In addition to that, I have used tips from John’s site to increase my own AdSense earnings with better ad placement and integration. If that were not enough, I have been accepted at ReviewMe and have written two reviews thus far and I have been accepted at Text Link Ads and have sold one ad (prices are cheap, get in now).
There is no doubt that many other readers of John Chow dot Com have experienced similar financial gain from the information provided. Have you been personally influenced by John’s site? Have you realized a financial gain as a result of following John’s tips?

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Leo March 16, 2007 at 1:36 pm

I’ve learned a lot from John’s site and a few others. To be honest I always wanted to haev my own site just for fun, lickily I have Stephen Fung of,, etc., to guide me through the process. Since my site is so new, I’m just focusing on building traffic and site content. Most of the good stuff is not availabel until you’ve been live for at least 90 days. That’s my next benchmark when I monetize my site.


derek March 16, 2007 at 2:59 pm

No doubt. As the quality content builds and the traffic keeps increasing, it opens the door for various forms of monetization. I’ve been thinking of getting AdSense going here but want to get a handful of posts under my belt first.
Keep up the good work on your site, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and have it as a regular read now.


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