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by derek on July 30, 2007 · 10 comments


It’s time for another round of Speedlinking and I’ve got a handful of quality posts for you this week.
For those not familiar with my Speedlinking posts, I like to share a little bit of link love each week with people that are a part of my community or otherwise produce quality content that I like to share with my readers.
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1. Michael Kwan had a fantastic post about the risks and rewards of being unconventional. This Speedlinking post is a little unconventional for me as I’ve included a picture of a few SpeedLink booth babes (photo courtesy of Bibliothomas) but for the most part I tend to be rather conventional. Although maybe Michael has been too unconventional as he has been warned by Google for invalid clicks. Hope it works out for you Michael!
2. Shawn Knight continues the unconventional theme with the selection he made when he purchased a new toy. Although I really cannot blame him because we still have an older gaming system as well. While paying Shawn a visit, be sure to check out his OCIA.net t-shirt promotion to see how you can get a link back!
3. Damien Riley has found a new appreciation for how difficult it can be as a parent and has realized that 3 kids is enough. As a father to two boys myself, I know right where Damien was coming from with this post and I found a lot of humor, as well as similarities, in his experience. To get more food for thought, be sure to give a read to Damien’s discussion about success and relativity. Something that I have learned is that it is not worth the time or effort to try and compare your success to that of other people. As long as you are happy with your position in life, that is all that matters. If you are not happy with your position, don’t spend time wishing you were more like someone else and take action to get where you want to be.
4. Ed Lau threw the budget out the window when he stumbled across the new wheels for his Mazda3. As someone that wants black wheels for my Scion tC but is not willing to throw my budget out the window, I can appreciate the excitement of finding the wheels and cannot wait to see pics of them on the car. The next time that Ed uses his 7 things to know about the Richmond Night Market, you can be sure he will be rolling in style! I’ve now got one more thing to add to my list of *things to see* when I finally get myself out to the Vancouver area.
5. David Pitlyuk shared a few ideas on how to make a side income with CraigsList. I need to do some research here as I might be able to use these ideas to generate enough side income to cover the cost of Chopper College and new black wheels for my tC. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to advertise your business, be sure to take a look at the rip hangers that Dave has designed to do some offline advertising of his business. Be sure to add your feedback in the comments and check out what I had to say about the rip hanger design.
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Michael Kwan July 30, 2007 at 9:43 pm

Thanks for the linkage. It seems like my Adsense woes have worked themselves out, after I banned referral traffic from dragon-mail.net.


Damien Riley July 30, 2007 at 9:53 pm

Derek . . . yes! Thank you. My wife and I “post post” were driving and talking about this and we whittled it down to the fact that there is a definition for success in public and then a definition you create for yourself. So 2 platforms of success: the personal and the public.
Here’s the colorful way my wife put it:
If you could write “Damien Riley is a success in —–” in the Wall Street Journal, then that is a public success.
On the other hand, we are to set the parameters of our own success requirement and then be real with ourselves about meeting them. The personal is is very different from the public and one does not cancel the other out.
I am not a success at rock music (Public truth)
I am a success at rock music (my own success) recording in the garage, playing local bars, keeping up a MySpace.
Ok I’ll stop now before this becomes a post of its own 😉 I hope I make sense at least sometimes!


Shawn Knight July 30, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Thanks for the linkage, sir!


derek July 30, 2007 at 11:36 pm

@Michael :: You’re welcome, glad to hear that you were able to block traffic from that referral. Did you do that via .htaccess or some other method?
@Damien :: That is a nice distinction between personal success and public success. Thanks for the additional insight and you do make sense, most of the time! 😉
@Shawn :: You’re welcome!


Ed Lau July 31, 2007 at 6:16 am

Thanks for the link.
I wouldn’t say completely out the window…although there are few ways to spend more than $1700 on wheels that aren’t some absurd spinning chrome contraptions.
Too bad they won’t be here for another 6 weeks, though. However, my front lip kit arrived today so I’m quite excited about that.


Patrick July 31, 2007 at 11:56 am

Very nice post. I’ll be sure to checkout the websites you mentioned. Always in the market to learn something new.


Dave July 31, 2007 at 3:42 pm

Thanks for the link love, I just responded back to your feedback, sorry for the response. I swear I had a tab open with that page waiting to respond for days!
Regarding $1,700 wheels, that’s nothing with tires! My wheels on my 350Z were about $3,400 with tires. On the Viper you can’t spend less than $4,500 for anything that looks good.
Wheels are the number one thing that make the car look that much better and differentiate themselves from all of the others. Just make sure your wheel gap isn’t too huge 😉
Also, you should be on the lookout through the forums for used wheels/tires, you may even find the ones you’re looking for if you keep an eye out. Many times you can get a good deal where you can sell the wheels back whenever you sell the car for the same price (or even more). Consider it a loan to borrow wheels on your car, but in the end they are free! I almost never buy new tires, I just get new wheels (or a new car lol).


derek July 31, 2007 at 4:42 pm

@Ed :: I cannot wait to see pics of your car with the new wheels. Having to wait 6 weeks will probably be pretty hard though, I know that would be a slow 6 weeks for me!
@Patrick :: Thanks! I hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back for more!
@Dave :: You’re welcome, no problem on the feedback. I just hope I was able to provide some constructive criticism. Re: the wheels, I am well aware that you can spend much more than $1700 and that is why I haven’t taken the plunge myself as I know I would end up finding something much too expensive.


Bryan@OneMan'sGoal.Com July 31, 2007 at 5:20 pm

Love the Michelle Kwan article!
Great links…


derek July 31, 2007 at 5:53 pm

I’m not sure he likes being called Michelle but I agree that it was a great article! 😀
Thanks for stopping by Bryan!


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