April 2008

The beautiful thing with blogging – or even just online business in general – is the relatively low startup costs. With the purchase of a domain and a hosting account you can have a business up and running in a matter of hours. Not too long ago, we talked about how to save money with […]


Shawn Knight recently tagged me to participate in a six word memoir meme. After giving it some thought and consideration, I believe that I have come up with something that has taken me quite some time to learn but really has an influence on how I live my life. Plan for tomorrow, live for today. […]


Earlier tonight I was perusing my list of starred posts in Google Reader for my weekly Speedlinking feature when I realized that today is the last Monday of the month. The last Monday of each month, I like to use the Speedlinking series to highlight the top ten blogs that referred the most traffic – […]


You might remember that this time last month I mentioned a new way to monetize your blog using PredictAd. PredictAd is a service that adds a rather unobtrusive auto-complete feature to your site search box. In addition to the auto-complete, PredictAd has the ability to display contextual ads within the search box. As I mentioned […]


Building A Brand :: Red Staple Media

by derek on April 23, 2008 · 37 comments

When I first began blogging, I’ll admit that I really did not give much thought to creating a brand for myself and just jumped right in by signing up for a domain and hosting account. Now that I have been blogging for about a year and a half, I’ve been giving more and more thought […]


The Birthday Booty

by derek on April 22, 2008 · 25 comments

Last week was my wife’s birthday and you might recall that I promised to come back and reveal the birthday booty. No…not that kind of booty – that might be better served for Silent Pillow. The kind of birthday booty that I am going to discuss here is the haul that my wife received on […]


Speedlinking – Twittermania

by derek on April 21, 2008 · 12 comments

After initially resisting the wave of people signing up with twitter, I recently took the plunge and now understand why so many people have been talking about it. Once I signed up, one of the first things that I did (after following quite a few familiar faces – it felt like I was the last […]


Happy Birthday To My Wife

by derek on April 17, 2008 · 27 comments

In honor of my wife’s birthday, I am taking a break from the blogs today – well, at least once she gets home from her morning working as a substitute teacher. While my wife might not be too fond of me disclosing her age, I figured that since this year I wasn’t traveling on her […]


Pizza.com :: Sorry, You Don't Cut It

by derek on April 16, 2008 · 17 comments

Sedo, the domain name broker, recently sold the domain pizza.com for a nice little chunk of change – well, little as in $2.6 million little. While there aren’t too many people that would complain about pocketing $2.6 million for selling a domain name, unfortunately pizza.com doesn’t quite cut it in terms of the most expensive […]


Day Of New Beginnings

by derek on April 15, 2008 · 20 comments

Today is a day of new beginnings – at least in my world on the Interweb. Many of you are aware that I also author a blog within the eMoms at Home blog network that has been focused on issues related to work-life balance from a dad’s perspective. It has been a process in the […]