June 2008

We are already half-way through the year – can you believe that? The first six months of the year have gone by in a flash and it is time to shine the spotlight on the top ten blogs that referred the most traffic – where did you come from – and the top ten most […]


Have you ever wanted to add an AdSense ad block above your first post? Or maybe you have been trying to figure out how to display an ad block before your first three posts? That was the question that a reader recently asked: I want to place a 468×60 banner on my blog, in between […]


With gas prices denting our pockets more and more (although recently it has leveled off a bit) people are pulling out all the stops to try and reduce their driving and/or improve their mileage. Surely you have read the tips about how your driving habits can improve your mileage – drive slower, consolidate trips, maintain […]


Speedlinking – Tweets From Twitter

by derek on June 23, 2008 · 20 comments

Before leaving work for the day, I sent out a tweet asking if anyone had fun or interesting links to share for the next Speedlinking edition. Unfortunately, my twitter following is only a couple of hundred people and I was not swamped with results like problogger would be after making a similar request. As a […]


Q&A Round 2 :: The Answers

by derek on June 20, 2008 · 30 comments

Justin asks: I don’t know what to ask, but I know what to say. I think you’ve done a great job with monetization and popularization of the blog. How did you do so well so fast? (I guess that’s a question, considering it has a question mark) Derek: Thank you. Being so involved, I have […]


Who wants to join me for a trip to Las Vegas for the BlogWorld & New Media Expo and save money in the process? The early bird registration for BlogWorld Expo ends on Friday, June 20th – which means there is only one day left to take advantage of the cheapest pricing. If you miss […]


Earlier this year I had signed up as an affiliate of TTZ Media and created Spicy Tech Deals to leverage the product ads and create an additional source of revenue. Thus far the results have been lackluster, due in large part to the lack of traffic that I have directed that way. For the right […]


New Homes Section :: Semmler's Steez

by derek on June 17, 2008 · 21 comments

The Semmler’s Steez is where you will find a review of a business or website that has taken me up on my standing offer for free schwag (or do you prefer “swag” – there is much Interweb debate.) Awhile back – far longer than I care to admit – Jayson from New Homes Section sent […]


Speedlinking – All About The Dads

by derek on June 16, 2008 · 16 comments

While Father’s Day has already passed, I’d like to give a shout to all of the fathers across the blogosphere and feature a handful of the dad bloggers that I read regularly with this edition of Speedlinking. In addition, I would like to encourage all of you dads – or those curious about how this […]


Q&A Round 2 :: The Questions

by derek on June 13, 2008 · 25 comments

After a day spent working from home, I took advantage of the new summer hours on Fridays and took my oldest son to see The Incredible Hulk. As I decompress from a day at the movies and a night playing Ghost In The Graveyard with the neighborhood kids, I thought tonight would be a good […]

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