November 2008

Q&A Round 7 :: The Answers

by derek on November 28, 2008 · 30 comments

Nick from romandock dot com asks: Do you plan to revert back to a completely clean shaven look on December 1 or do you have other plans with the future of your facial hair? Derek: The clean shaven look will be coming, although not as of December 1st. There is a Gala Party held on […]


Giving Thanks…And Books

by derek on November 27, 2008 · 19 comments

Happy Thanksgiving! While we hopefully take time throughout the year to give thanks for all of the things we have in our lives, today is the “official” day of giving thanks here in the United States. In recognition of today, I wanted to take a moment to share a few things that I am thankful […]


One of the focal points of this blog is discussing the effort to make money with your blog, which as many of you know includes testing new tools that have the potential to bring in revenue. Not too long ago, one of the tools that we looked at was the PerformancingAds Network. Since introducing this […]


Harley-Davidson XR1200 Coming To The U.S.

by derek on November 25, 2008 · 26 comments

As many of you have seen in recent weeks on this blog, Harley-Davidson is a company that is quickly embracing social media. One such Harley-Davidson social media initiative is to leverage the blogosphere to help build excitement about their brand. Well, I have some exciting news for fans of Harley-Davidson – the XR1200, inspired by […]


With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it is always nice to take a moment to look back and reflect on the things that we have to be thankful for in our lives – as sometimes we lose track of that in the day to day hustle. There are many people across the world that are […]


Q&A Round 7 :: The Questions

by derek on November 21, 2008 · 12 comments

Normally I have been running this monthly Q&A session on the 2nd Friday of the month, however it seems I was too busy getting bugged out last week to remember. You can ask anything that you like and I will answer to the best of my abilities, or tell you if I don’t know the […]

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You Are What You Read :: So What Am I?

by derek on November 20, 2008 · 31 comments

Last week, freelance writing extraordinaire Michael Kwan discussed the belief that much like the saying that you are what you eat, you are what you read. Focused on advancing your career? You’re likely reading business books. Raising a family? You’re likely reading parenting books. Concerned about the state of the economy? You’re likely reading financial […]


Ask Harley-Davidson About Social Media

by derek on November 19, 2008 · 15 comments

Lately we have been discussing the fact that more and more businesses are beginning to explore how the social media space can be of benefit to their business. One business that is embracing social media happens to be a business of much personal interest to me…Harley-Davidson. While riding season is coming to an end here […]


One Blogging Tip For A Beginner

by derek on November 18, 2008 · 23 comments

After sharing the announcement of my inclusion in the book Blog Blazers, I received an email asking me to answer a question in one simple sentence. Yan from thou shall blog asked me the following: I’d appreciate if you’d take the time to share your wisdom with us on “What’s one blogging tip you’d give […]


Speedlinking – Social Media In Business

by derek on November 17, 2008 · 16 comments

Not too long ago, we talked about how certain corporations are embracing social media – which unfortunately does not include the company that currently supplies me with an income. Social media in the context of business has been on the minds of many lately, as you will see in the handful of posts included in […]