January 2009

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

by derek on January 9, 2009 · 28 comments

Do you recall how we were talking about timing being everything and the idea of being in the right place at the right time? Well, here is an example of what happens when the timing is off ever so slightly and you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kid Accidentally Nails […]


Timing is everything – wouldn’t you say? No doubt you have heard someone, most likely even yourself once or twice, say that they were in the right place at the right time. There will be times when the slightest change in timing can completely alter an experience. So what does timing have to do with […]


Q&A Round 8 :: The Answers

by derek on January 7, 2009 · 41 comments

Neil from PS3 asks: My question is….. If you could meet anyone from history or the present who would it be and why? Just read the questions from Round 6 and Steve @ Free iPods asked why Americans have the World Series but it only involves one country. It is because it was originally sponsored […]


Like it or not – first impressions can make or break you. With so many people and things competing for our time, we do often make snap decisions based on our first impressions and sometimes never look back. That isn’t the best way to do things but the truth is that we do it. Therefore […]


Speedlinking – December’s Most Vocal

by derek on January 5, 2009 · 51 comments

There was a lot of great conversation during the month of December as we discussed a variety of topics, such as affiliate marketing (what not to do with affiliate marketing and the real power of the Amazon Affiliate Program), social media (10 people worth following on FriendFeed) and even blog tips (how to add a […]


Shortly before the holidays, you likely noticed a healthy dose of controversy regarding sponsored posts that a handful of prominent bloggers published. The posts were sponsored by Kmart and were opportunities made available as part of the SocialSpark service. Personally, I don’t have an issue with these people – or anyone else – writing sponsored […]


Happy New Year :: The Day To Start Fresh

by derek on January 1, 2009 · 43 comments

Happy New Year! As the calendar has changed from 2008 to 2009, many people will be looking at New Year’s Day as the day to start fresh with the new year. While I am not one to consume myself with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, I do find myself enjoying the turn of the […]