Ozzie Guillen Already A Marlin…Says His Blog

by derek on September 27, 2011 · 1 comment

Being a Chicago White Sox fan, I was caught off-guard by the sudden announcement that Ozzie Guillen was being released from his contract with two games remaining in the season.
Sure, there had been a lot of speculation in recent weeks regarding his contract and whether or not he would be back with the Sox organization, but to see such an abrupt end before the end of the season seemed rather odd.
And what would Ozzie do next?
According to his press conference, Ozzie is considering his options and will weigh all offers to manage another club next year. Interesting, in particular because an inadvertent blog post on Ozzie’s own blog indicated that the decision had already been made.

Let me first start off by saying this is a very hard day for me and my family. Over the past eight seasons there was no place I would have rather been than the city of Chicago managing the White Sox. I grew up professionally with that organization and have incredible memories during the 22 years I spent with the Sox. They gave me my first opportunities to both play and manage in the big leagues, and we were able to bring a World Series championship back to the city of Chicago for the first time in 88 years. My greatest moment as a manager was the night I got to hand the World Series trophy to Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf because I knew that it was a dream of his to be able to hold it and call it his own. That’s something no one will ever be able to take away from us.
During the last eight years I also had the privilege to manage some great players and want to thank them for playing hard every single day. I want to also thank the great coaches, front office staff, and Minor League department for all their hard work. You cannot consistently win and be in contention every year without those people doing a good job.
Chicago will ALWAYS be my home and I will forever love the fans for the support they have shown me and my family throughout my career, and I look forward to that continuing in the future. I made no secret that my desire was always to spend my entire managerial career with the White Sox, but there comes a point when you need to move on, and that point has come. The Florida Marlins believe I am the right man for the job to bring another World Series to South Florida. And just as it has always been with me, winning is my only mission.
It’s good being wanted, and more importantly it’s good knowing where you stand. Although it’s sad my time with the White Sox has ended, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of the Marlins organization. I have an unbelievable amount of respect for the Marlins, owner Jeffrey Loria, president Larry Beinfest, and general manager Michael Hill. I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity and look forward to the future. I can’t wait to get started!

The above blog post, which if you Google the words “Ozzie Guillen time to move on” should be viewable here, has since been taken down.

Ozzie Guillen Time to Move On

Looking a little further, one can see that Google has a cache of that page at 9:30pm Central time. Given that the Sox game lasted 2 hours and 49 minutes tonight, one can see that this post was originally published before the Sox game ended and before Ozzie had his post-game press conference…you remember, where he said he didn’t know where he was going to go yet!

Ozzie Guillen Time to Move On

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Ozzie Guillen since my childhood days watching him patrol the middle infield for the Sox. And I will most definitely miss the charisma and personality that he brought to the Sox, oh, the World Series title didn’t hurt either.
But clearly Ozzie needs to tighten the ship he is steering and make sure that those running his operations are not making mistakes like this, as it makes him look bad.
Now maybe Ozzie cannot afford to hire professionals (ahem, Ozzie I am available for hire) to manage his web presence because the White Sox wouldn’t pay him the money he wants, based on comments in his press conference, but I doubt that is the reason.
After a disappointing season for the Sox, an offseason that already brought expectation of change has now taken an even more interesting turn with speculation of who will be the next manager.
Until then, I wish Ozzie nothing but the best of luck with the Marlins, err…or whoever he decides to work for next!

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Maja@fantastic sams November 20, 2011 at 12:45 am

It is really very appreciable act to bring World Series championship back to the city in 88 years.It is great honor the citizens of Chicago


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